Programming Change Of Presets

Sorry for stupid question, but…
Can I programming change presets of VST-effects (or renoise-effects (distortion, EQ, etc)) or VST-synths in Renoise 2.0?
Or for change of preset I must write plugin’s automations in either pattern?

now you have to write C2 instead of 92, maybe it’s this that is confusing you.

in general, the 90-91-92 MIDI commands are now C0-C1-C2 to avoid confusion with normal panning commands

Changing presets for VST instruments can be done using The C2 vol/pan effect command in the pattern editor.
You do have to take care an instrument is defined else you cannot change the preset:

Currently for effect plugins, you only can control sliders and parameters through effect commands and automation when it has to be done “on-the-job”.
You can store general automation envelope curves in ten preset slots


And regarding plugin specific:
You can save presets by rightclicking the preset-name behind the scroll arrows on top of the plugin frame in the DSP rack. By default the preset-name describes “init”, in this case it shows “Hall”:

More about saving effect presets on the ~half of this page: