Programming Midi Events In Renoise

Hey yall, I need a little with with programing different MIDI events for a soft synth in Renoise.

Currently I am attempting to drop the pitch of a soft synth note at the end of a crescendo to heighten tension. I was able to sort of do this by automating a pitch drop in an Apple AU pitch shifting program, then resetting the pitch value to 0 cents in the next pattern. This sounds pretty cool before you get to the pattern that resets the pitch. However once the pitch is reset, I cant avoid getting this clicking or popping sound of the pitch quickly shifting back up to zero.

I figured it would be easier (and less cpu heavy) to simply automate the pitch bend of the soft synth (Absynth), however I can’t really figure out how to write a pitch bend automation. The pitch bender on my external hard synth picks up in Renoise, however I’d much prefer to draw the curve.

Any ideers?

Appreciate it!

How about the Midi control device and use the pitch bend parameter and automate that in the automation window?

Cool! Think that might have done it, thanks. Now I just got to make sure that the break and transition is clean.
I was also wondering if there was anyway to write in commands for a pitch bend? Next to the notes and all. And not a pitch down or a pitch up command for a sample, but an actual MIDI command

See the Midi commands for the panning column. Be extra certain that you apply the Mx commands on the panning-column of the “last” note column in the track, including the reference to the instrument number in that note column of which you want to affect that midi parameter. The pitchbend (M1 in pan column) values use 4000 in the effect column as center value (the first two as the main digits), lower is pitch down, higher is pitch up.