Programs To Optimise System Performance

what are the best programs (and hopefully cheap/free) out there for xp to keep your system from running smoothly and minimise crashing and optimise the performance, i had norton included with my laptop when i bought it and being the fool i am i updated it last year along with system works but the both seem shit and seem to make my laptop more ‘crashable’ running the program

Crap Cleaner -> - deletes unused shits, cleans the registry-database, has a nifty autostart-cleaner freeware

Auslogics Registry-Defrag -> defrags the registry
Auslogics Disk Defrag -> defrags your hdd

Google for hijackthis to find unused processes and remove them permanentry

hijackthis is not a simple tool that could be carelessly run on your computer.
They are not without reason advising you to post the log-contents of hijackthis on hijackthis boards where they support your quest to clean out your machine.

You need to be running FEWER programs to make you computer more stable, not more…

It is actually pretty simple, don’t install rediculous stuff and games on the pc that you want to compose on.
Have a dedicated pc to music composing and don’t allow it to run too many windows updates unless a plugin or otherwise audiotool requires it.
put the machine in a seperate subnet so that no other pc’s can infect yours but you can at least download software updates if required.

registry mechanic is good but not free, for a bit of a boost.

best advice is to get rid of norton - get a freeware antivirus/firewall/spyware thing instead - norton will slow yr pc down loads and makes it totally unstable

thats what it did for me anyway - try avg free, zonelarm and spybot search n’ destroy instead.

i use antivir personal edition


ext2 doesn’t fragment (or at least it isn’t a real problem there as with ntfs and fat)

i’ve just downloaded the trial version of bitdefender total protection 2008 and it’s got a pc tuneup utility with it as well as antivirus, anti phising, an encyrpter for personal details and anti spam seems to be pretty decent its 35 euros after it expires though but still cheaper than some of the top brand ones (mcafee or norton) btw is mcafee good i have never used it before

edit: im trying each software out lol trying kaspersky at the moment seems pretty good also nod32 seems the best antivirus software out there, also what anti virus software is everyone using i wanted to include it in the thread title so more people can view the thread and get their views accross on anti virus software protection too