Progressive Remix on a vocal track by Bonnie Legion

Hello everyone! I was honored to make a remix out of the pre-mixed vocals of Bonnie Legion, singer from California. I hope You enjoy it! I will be very grateful for every feedback, no matter how negative will it be.

You can check out her songs:

You can also check out and pick up her vocals:

i like it a lot, the elements, ideas. but the mixing is somehow unusual to me. on the other hand, i’ve got brand new speakers now, so i have no idea what it should sound like. thanks a lot for the remix vocals hint, gonna try something too

ps: couldn’t find isolated vocals. probably more complicated than i thought

Thanks! Well, I am still noob at mixing and I am trying to get better day by day :slight_smile: For that I am sorry.

You can find her vocals in the track info of each of her songs, but you have to click on that info, there is a link where you can download all the neccessary vocals :slight_smile:

Not my cup of tea. It reminds me of the commercial trance things back in the millennium, where females have to sound like a 12 year old having an orgasm while singing. Anyway it`s not bad for that purpose. :wink:

escii: Yes, you are right. I am trying to move back 10 years back, I am still noob to work with vocals and make it sound not false. The only way for me now is autotune :smiley: But I am planning to create a new genre in the future. Now, it is just flowing in my head :smiley: