Progressive Trance curious for feedbacks

I made this tune few months ago and I realized that from some reason this version sounds better than the one with vocals (I still can’t manage vocals so well in trance yet). I will be so much grateful for feedbacks

Is the bass gliding between notes? This makes the bass sometimesin harmonicwith the rest. It also slows down the track. You could try to add a 16tel mid bass to your low bass and remove the gliding. I’mcurioushow the vocal version is sounding :slight_smile:

Subtle progression, which means that it works pretty well as a backdrop to something else.

However, it feels as if it is missing that something else - as it stands, it almost sounds like ambient music.

I think that what may be missing is the lead, or the equivalent in vocal terms. Based on this, I encourage you to work out some kind of lead, if only instrumental.

Thanks so much for your feedbacks, guys!

toimp: the bass is slowing down the song because I intended to make it slower, however you are right, sometimes, it gave me uncomfortable feeling that it was too much slowing down. The vocal version is already on soundcloud, but the way I edited vocals is terrible :smiley: I don’t recommend you to listen to this (however if you want to, “ft. Bonnie Legion” stands in the title of the vocalic one)

Jan Koekepan: I agree with you, it misses lot of reverbic effects and leads, I am currently working on bunch of trance.

Otherwise, I am so grateful for your time spent on listening to this song :slight_smile: