Project1EP Call To Arms - February Edition! Make 1 EP during Febru

Still time left for the quick trackers among us, quoted from;


Some of us guys thought we could use another project to help us all be creative, and we came up with this.

You have the whole of February to make 1 EP containing up to 15 tracks at a max total length of 15 minutes. Anybody is allowed to submit any content under any artist name, provided it’s your own material, not offensive and not OLD material! No folder dumps! There are no genre restrictions, make anything you want.

If you are stumped for ideas, message me and I will send you two randomly selected words, and the combination must be the title of your EP. The rest is up to you.

Submit your EP in a ZIP to me, either as a private message or to mikewestaudio (at) , together with all relevant info, before March 1st.

The final result will be compiled into one MASSIVE digital release - including top of the line mastering, provided that you don’t brickwall your tracks. It will be available as pay-what-you-want and ALL proceeds will be donated to the international charityMedicines Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders.

So, what excuses have you got? Try something new out, challenge yourself, just do some music. Let’s go!

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Think i’ll have to try this. 15 minutes in a couple of weeks should be piece of cake, i just need a little bit of disciprine so i don’t brickwall everything as usual. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is going smooth, i 'm already working on the third track. I’m trying to make it as a whole, using mostly the same instruments and setup for all the tracks. :slight_smile:

Anyone else going for this? How can you you say no to it? You get to do what you like the most, you’re helping a great cause, you get your work mastered by professionals and probably a lot of people will check it out. Sounds like a bargain if you ask me.

Edit: Finished a 7 track EP today! In fact i believe it’s probably the best musical piece i ever made, too bad you’ll have to wait for the release to hear it. :wink:

It’s OUT! :yeah:

I kinda feel this is a bit out of my league, but here we go. I’m ExTraktoR by the way and i assume Djeroek is Richard Jonas? Listening to it right now, great job dude!