Projects with VST 2.4 dont load using VST 3

Hello! I created an account here because i didn’t found the solution at google and i need help! I used Renoise for hundreds of hours but i still consider myself a newbie, i love the software. Last year i made some projects using the 2.4 VST version of some plugins, i saved the project and backuped it.
Here is the problem: now i have a better computer, i re-installed everything, VST 3 instead of VST 2.4 now that Renoise supports it and the plugins works correctly in a new project.
The problem happens when i open the backuped projects, renoise says it can’t find the plugin, my question is if this “saved project” is stuck forever in VST 2.4? Is there anyway i can load this project using the VST 3 versions? Really newbie question but really confusing for me because i dont know if it’s a simple naming error that is easily fixable, or if VST 2.4 and VST 3 is completely incompatible… Thank you so much!

Indeed I think vst 2 and vst 3 are considered as different plugins… BTW all the information driving the plugin is still here on the renoise side…
I’d try to load the vst3 plugin manually in the renoise instrument… For internal plugin settings I think there’s not many solutions but to reload the song with the vst2 version and export a preset and reload it in the vst3 version (if it’s possible…)
Maybe there would be a hackish solution editing manually plugin’s identification in the xrns file but, that’s probably very hackish and uncertain… I have no idea of the structure of the file and how to proceed, but that feels like an expert way of recovering vst2 internal settings (that are maybe encoded in a very different manner). My only advice: Don’t try that without a good verified backup of the file you try to modify.

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Thank you for explaining! It’s a shame that vst 3 can only be installed in the C partition in windows and is not 100% compatible with vst 2, two big disappointments, but whatever, thank you again!

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