ProMotion / high/variable refresh rate proper support

I’m testing current version on a latest MacBook Pro M1 14" and what strikes me is that the GUI doesn’t seem smooth at all.
I have it in full screen mode, latency down to 1ms (using built in audio device, don’t know how accurate this is), FPS limit off (but frankly no matter the settings, it all seems the same).
And still the VU meter / phase meter / freq analyzer and pattern scrolling seem… well very janky. I’d say even for 60hz, which Renoise probably currently runs at on Mac OS, they seem more like 30? Or even less. I don’t know whether this is a Rosetta thing, and the current closed ARM beta fixes this, or is it something else, but it’s definitely not pleasing on the eye.

Anyway - proper support for higher/variable refresh rates would be really welcome. VRR would bring some nice energy saving while on the go

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I have the FPS cap set to my refresh rate of 100hz (on PC) and it works well.