Promotional Project W/vocals

Ellu folks. :)
Been working on this one lately, it’s an old instrumental a dude made some vocals for, and another friend played piano in the end for. Clocking 10:32 I think it’s a very nice piece, but…

Now, the faults that I know of and will fix tonight are as follows:

  1. Vocals out of tune here and there
  2. Arpeggio-melody around 6:50 will be changed slightly
  3. Piano-part will be re-recorded.
  4. More varied rythm in second part

And then there are the undefined things, like how the first part gets kinda empty without the vocals, like… What should I add there? And are there any other things that I should think about?

Now, for the purpouse of this tune: It will be performed tomorrow, music as singback the dude on vocals, er… on vocals. :P, and an extremebalance-artist doing his thing in the background after about 2 minutes, until the piano kicks in. It’s not a paying audience in any way, but there might be some connections to be made with this.

Anyway, feed me feedback asap, please! :D

keep the (replayed) piano part, and delete the rest :)

Hehe, I’ll tell the pianoplayer you wrote that. :P

listening as i eat my dinner. i always get excited whenever you post a new tune sagosen, cuz i really like your “and the winner is” with paladin, and also you were the 1st person to post feedback about the 1st song i posted on here… :)

my thoughts on the song: beautiful instrumentation, beautiful tune.
on the drums, the snare drum is kinda weak… i mean i know the beat isn’t supposed to be very prevalent, but it’s just the sample used kinda sucks. reminds me of a lot of orbital songs (i love orbital, but their snares were never that great), i think another sample in its place could make the whole song sound a lot better

vocals are slightly off in LOTS of places, you might want to try to autotune them if you have any plugins like that… should clean it right up

the piano part is nice , i don’t really want to comment on it since you didn’t play it, but the transition into it is pretty rough, it sounds like a totally different song starting

great stuff overall though, i think it will fit the performance subject matter just fine. i went to the extremebalance site a couple months ago when you first posted about it, looks pretty interesting

Thanks a lot io. :)

The piano-part was just for the performance, but we ended up wishing we didn’t use it, as it threw off the rythm of the show, everything was finished after the last words. Ah well, it worked well in the end!

I deleted the new and fixed mp3 by accident, and I can’t be bothered to re-render it again now as I’ll make an edit later this week that should work better, WITH newly recorded vocals. And without the piano, sorry IT. :P

I’ll keep the snare-thingey in mind when I do the edit! Yeah it’s weak as hell, but then again so is the rythm in the first part, hehe…

the rest of the beat sounds fine, it’s just the snare sounds a little “cheap” if you know what i mean

Hey Sagosen!

Listening to this…

I really like this alot, it’s really soothing, relaxing…

at 4:44 now, sounds like it’s changing rythms now

Sounds “industrial” sorta, reminds me of the music from the Wipeout games (leftftield, orbital, prodigy etc) which is cool, although i kinda expected a phat baseline or something, instead of the singing, but that would just be cliché, right? :)

7:07 now… The guy is still singing, i like his voice!

oh wait, the piano comes in here, very well recorded it sounds!

I really think it fits the mood coming in at the end like that, like an “outro” you know?

But the thing that I would change is the length of the song, 10 minutes seems kinda long… It’s a nice song, no doubt! Will probably listen to it alot :) And looking forward to when it’s done!

All in all a really nice tune, glad to hear some songs with VOCALS in them

Thanx, Dufey. 'Preciate it! :)

Here’s a newer version of the song without the piano this time, as I still want to re-record it. Mattias who played it thinks the same thing. Anyhoo, I will make a shorter version of it, since this one was mean to be used as part of a show. Wouldn’t be as long as it is if it wasn’t for that. :)

Hm, a phat bassline… Maybe for a remix? ;)

I really enjoy working with vocals, next week I’m planning a visit to a friend, hope we can get some loco music done!

yeah… vocals are cool…though i just NEVER get them pitched in quite right…or i take to big samples or i just cant seem to get it right :( ah well… shit happens :P

BTW!!! nice song man! again… after robotahh computahh … i kinda lost track of the renoise forum… but im back and you got a cool new release again :guitar: btw… does let me think of ROYKSOPP lol

Yeah same here!

By the way, Sagosen, your song has me singing it at work, all day! It’s stuck in my head!


Same here, actually!! :P

I’ll let “Knuffen” know, he’s a catchy writer indeed!

I’ve heard that melody somewhere before…

Listened to both versions, and I like the song :) The singer reminds me of a brighter version of George Michael.

However I do think that the really nice pianoplay did fit into the mood and worked nice.

About the vocals, what I did here was to render the track from Renoise, set it to a track in Kristal, let the singer hear that in some headphones and hey, presto. Perfectly timed vocals. :)

Also, we found out that it was a good idea to let him monitor his own voice at the same time. Or he’d be off tune a hell of a lot more times than in the tune!

Btw, he wasn’t really off, I just re-arranged the melody around his vocals and thus missed a couple of times on the first version. That’s why I fixed it for the second, see? Yepyep.

Oh, and Röyksopp? Damn, that’s one helluva compliment! ;)

Currently listening to the first version :)

I really like that, thats all I can say - actually, this is the sound that fits my mood actually :) Very good work, as usually :)