Propellerhead's Record Software

Actually seems like the ultimate name for the new product while still keeping the integrity of the “Re-” prefix (Reason, ReBirth, ReCycle, ReLoad, ReWire, etc).

Will probably be cool to play with via the ReWired, fruitful, mighty, blessed marriage of Renoise + Reason… :D

Again – thanks a million for bringing ReWire to Renoise!!!

Thats actually “just” Reason + Audio tracks + a big marketing campaign, isn’t it? Or I don’t get it…

Maybe… But it’s still good to finally have audio tracks in Reason. Slaving it to Renoise now means a bit more, even though it may not be revolutionary. You have to agree that the Propellerheads make great marketing videos though… ;)

And I really dig the mixer…

“Record” also seems to be very state of the art in regard to multi-CPU handling, making maximum use of i.e. a true quadcore i7 system. And every little knob can be automated… etc. At least worth to check it out.

Now, I’ve heard that some people dislike Reason because they think the extreme modelling after (obsolete) hardware is just plain stupid. To me, that’s one of the charming aspects of Reason. I grew up with this kind of workflow, working with real hardware, and I enjoy the huge and creative routing possibilities that Reason enables me to do very quickly.

Another DAW that has a similar (IMO good) mixer layout is Orion by Synapse Audio.

Yup, taktik hit it on the nose. That’s all it pretty much is. Instead now people are gonna sound like fools when they talk about making tracks.

“Yeah, I use record to make music.” “No shit, everyone presses record before working on tracks. What program are you using? Not which function asshole.”

From what I understand, it’s not even that. It’s just an audio recorder “DAW” that can run as a master so it can run Reason as a slave. From what I’m hearing, it’s way cut down from any other sequencer that can act as a ReWire Master.

Hmmm… you guys are probably right.

I remember my huge disappointment when testing the Reason 4 beta. Seemed like they added nothing useful whatsoever. So I never upgraded from version 3, actually. The much hyped Thor synthesizer was basically just that: hype and marketing IMO.

Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Props took that same marketing route again, mainly addressing beginner hip-hop producers or other laptop producers who wanted something “easy” that also feels (or rather looks) enough “pro” to make them buy it.

N-track studio… exists there for years…
Actually, simple harddisk recording exists since the first PC with a serious 16-bit Soundblaster card got on the market. Back then an 80MB harddrive was enough for harddisk recording.
I’m not impressed.

The marketing blurb is outright insulting. I wouldn’t even pirate such shit.

Yeah, you’re right, it actually is a bit insulting…

However, the major difference between real marketing pros and a typical Renoise geek (such as myself) is that the former tend to really understand that most people are no geeks and adapt to that fact. So in that respect, the Props’ videos are quite good (read: working, i.e. actually helping to sell the proclaimed easy-to-use product on a crowded market).

There is a difference between “novices” and “people who don’t know any better and get fleeced like sheep” IMHO.

While I question whether the world needs another DAW, if Propellerheads can bring something new to the party then so be it. It just seems like an eleaborate way to add audio tracks to Reason though :D

And an expensive way: Digital Village is quoting a pre-order price of £250. That’s ridiculous for what seems like a pretty basic DAW.

Hmm. Looks like they figured out what decibels were.
Does it really add all that much functionality to rewiring into renoise?
I guess maybe for long recorded live stuff but reaper wins there.
I thought reason was working just fine. Infact, I thought my reason patches were alot tidier without the need for reason’s mixer, ie just instruments straight to bus.
I guess automation is what’ll clinch it for some.
For me adding more tiny knobs to an interface which can already look very busy on my small screen aint gonna help much. I’ve never been a fan of software trying to look like hardware. What I like about reason is the patchbay and routing, but that could look neater.
Clean cut interfaces like renoise and live are where it’s at.

There are midi tracks but only through rewire - no VSTi support!!!

Propellerhead have never supported vst’s not even their sequenser reason do it.

hmm well - i reckon it might be pretty good - after all, it does involve audio

I gave it a try, but Renoise has messed up my audioworkflow so much that I can’t get used to another program anymore. :(

but I like the distortion pluggin in it! it’s very cool!

It’s actually not even that. :D It must have all of Reasons modules right there in its code to be able to run standalone without rewire. (they claim you don’t need to open Reason separatelly to open a Reason file within Record).
Having Reason installed just unlocks its modules in Record. You could actually call it “crippled version of Reason 5 without any useful instruments” if you don’t own Reason already. If you do, it is Reason5 with audio recording a new analog modelled mixer, a new guitar amp plugin, and some minor stuff.
Major drawback now: you now have two separate products you need to keep updated in order to have the newest version; and as we all know: they are both kinda expensive. Even just an upgrade.

I know, but if they want to stay in the game they should change that. Everyone else supports the use of plugins.

One of the main reasons I never got fully into using reason.

But Reason is not a DAW and never aspired to be one. Record is not a DAW either.

One of the charming aspects of Reason is that you can route pretty much any device into another, and that closed system would be lost with the introduction of VST plugins. Another aspect is the stability. Reason has never crashed during the almost 10 years I’ve been using it.

It seems many people are negative towards Reason because they expect it to be something that it really isn’t (and won’t be). In a similar fashion, many of those who write off Record before it’s even released don’t seem to fully identify what specific type of tool it really is. :rolleyes: