Proper Key Tracking Modulation

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Is there a such thing? The Key Tracking Modulation module is linear and really want the capability to do tuned noise based instruments. Trying to avoid mono based key tracking through DSPs.

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It is possible with the key tracker, but I forgot what settings, AFAIK. dblue will know :slight_smile:

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The key tracker in the modulation is tuned at the right settings. Turn the main slider all the way up and the key tracker at *. Alternatively you could slide the main slider down and set the key tracker to +. Full key span in both cases and the ± unticked.
Only works with the comb filter and wave filters, the ones with a tone parameter, you will not get a tuned band filter or whatever using this method. Key tracker is a lot more versatile in the fx chains.

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lua formula modulation device, please!! so we can code our own complex modulators, the cutoff formula for the new 3.1 filters is already known I believe (same as in analog filter device?)…

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