Proposal For Sample Editor Upgrade

This is a long term proposal and will probably be picked apart into many sub issues, but I feel the overall idea warrants some propper consideration as a whole - because as a whole they open quite a few doors - the live performance potential of renoise not the least of them. As sub issues they are merely nit-picking at something which is perfectly functional, and that is not my intent.

  1. The selection process
  • Selecting a section of waveform is something that can only be done once; and then you have to select again. Ideally one should be able to drag the start, end or entire selection forwards or backwards with the mouse to change which part is highlighted.
  1. The display of the editor
  • There is no scale of time, number of samples, or the rate at which lines or ticks pass shown.

  • It is not possible to view a sample whilst the pattern editor window is open; they are switch-between only. Either a top/bottom split screen mode or a cut-down sample editing screen which can overlay in the same way as a VSTi editing window would be preferable. Both would be nicer again, but essentially added wank ;)

  1. Playback
  • When reviewing a selection, there is no possible way to map a keyboard shortcut to either start or stop playing the highlighted section, making the time taken to select accurately increase significantly as the entire process has to be done with the mouse. There have been several threads about this issue previously.

  • Slight crossover issue to do with sequencing: It is still only possible to start at different points in a sample when sequencing other than the 09## method which is grossly innaccurate for alot of purposes. To give you an idea of what I have in mind with where this should develope - and why I mention this when discussing the sample editor - I think it should be possible to select a section with the mouse (or perhaps some other input device?) in the previously proposed split screen editor and/or overlayed editor, and play the sample in the selected track like normal with your midi controller; each keypress starting from the start point selected at the time the key is pressed. This is obviously a big one and has been sort of discussed previously, as a more accurate method than 09## has been one of the voting options for update priority in the past, and I’m not sure what would be the best technique for this so I’ll leave the details open ended. Also I might add I do not wish for the 09## method to be made obsolete, not at all, as it allows for some very interesting techniques for resampling - I think perhaps the recording of this could be incorporated in a similar way to the automation window…

  1. Exporting samples
  • Correct me if I’m wrong (read: stupid), but this can only be done by sequencing the sample and exporting the pattern sequence, for longer samples this can run into problems of making the pattern long enough - especially as there is no measure of time in the editing screen.
  1. Recording

sound of a can of worms

  • I’ve heard from a good source that many things would need to be rewritten in renoise to achieve this, but one day…
    Even if you can’t record in sync with a track - per se sagosen/sewen’s “wave track” feature request, line input recording to the sample editor alone will make many many things easier, and link many isolated functions together in a way which is only possible by import and/or export and/or reslicing and/or resampling at this current time.

About #1: Rightclick and hold/drag outside the selection to resize it.

|I didn’t know that either. Cheers :)

I have also already suggested a grid or some map in the background of a sample, with the possibility to enter volume, panning… values (as graphs) right there over the sample. (Similar to the automation and instrument envelopes.)

  1. Exporting samples: You just select “Sample” in the disk browser, then enter a name in the ‘save file field’ and click on the floppy.

Psyj, thanks for the tip!

I still maintain that dragging of the entire selection is necessary for the overall idea to work though, and on a smaller scale think in terms of chopping up beats…

ermi - I’d be happy with a simple ruler

I actually don’t use the sampler so much. But last night I was making the samplepack for Sonicade’s new Renoise compo, and I noticed a few tiny usability features that are nagging. I’m at work now, so I can’t remember them all, but I’ll give it a try.

  1. I would love markers. For the sample offset idea, and/or for the ability to extract marker areas (regions) to other instrument slots.
  2. Double clicking on the waveform should select the whole lot, but if you are zoomed in, it selects the zoomed in area only.
  3. The looping interface is great. (just thought I’d mention that)
  4. Vertical lines every 8/16/32 rows would be handy too. (based on a selectable root-note, good to do drum loops by eye, and also good to assign markers/regions to those lines)

do I smell another wave studio hacker?

Very good suggestions, especially 1 and 4.

Ermi: you have single handedly solved my two biggest issues with renoise. (which would have inevitably solved themselves with the propper research…pity I’m dislexic and would rather slit my wrists than read the documentation…) Many thanks.

I would still like to make the recommendation of making the export function more obvious and accessible from within the sample editor, ie, right click on sample selection for an “export to .wav” option…or something similar…

you can’t half tell i primarily use renoise as a sampler, eh ;)

i dont know if this has been mentioned before, since there several threads already.
actually Alex, i dont see how this thread corelates to the one you mentioned this thread in. i must be blind!

maybe i’ll just mention what i had thought of.

this idea is for the controlling of loop points from the automation area an effect command column

we will need an envelope
to to be able to limit those unwelcome artifacts
that will most likely make themselves present,
when doing granular style craziness.

Of course by no means is this idea original
its the foundation of granular synthesis. i
f your reading this an dont know what im saying.
i’ll summarize.

-with granular synthesis,
each grain has its very own envelope.
this linear array of envelopes (if thats makes sense) is controllable,
an usually you have an ability to change ASDR over time.
giving imho a very beautiful sound.

this would be a ‘Perfect’ meta device, that way we could control all this with a few supercool sliders B)

Ah okay it is #3! i got mixed up :D

BTW does anyone know if a word exists with the basic meaning of linear array of envelopes? :unsure:

yep, #3.2

Your idea takes this concept and runs with it a little further. I like where you are thinking.

Although, I take the sign of the devs not saying anything as a bad one. A simple “no, sorry this isnt going to be possible” is better than silence :(

to tell you the truth.
i agree with you 100%, i do wonder sometimes
if the amalgamation of ideas i write to this forum,
are ever considered or ever even read…
for that matter. its probably best i never find out!!! :D

onthe other hand… i would bet Taktik an the rest of the current Developers probably dont get a moments rest, so with that in mind i completely understand why not many responses are made to these requests/ideas/brainstorms.

i would like to think they love the art of surprise! might be good for us to start crossing our fingers! :D i do love surprises!

the board certainly does get flooded with new proposals,
theres probably a duplicate, if not more
of most of the ideas contained in them.
no doubt each one contains small but intriguing variances,
keeping up with them would certainly be a task.

Alex, i think the best thing we could do to have our proposals heard, listened to & possibly even considered. is exactly how you structured your 1st post.

by making all our feature requests clear and organized, i think this helps them probably more then we realize. (at least i hope! xD)

i have a similar brainstorm/ feature request/ idea thread in here somewhere.
if i remember correctly -i think i let it get sloppy.…9bfa8d4677c934c

some similar variances of idea in there.

maybe we should start compiling a big list of this stuff?
might make it easier for Taktik an friends to check out these things ;)

had a smoke an remembered this…
our end of this is probably pretty damn easy.
i love these types of thought exploration, but
Bantai once said, how he liked my brainstorming an he had me realize that my thinking wasnt impeded by the structured and intricate views of a programmer.

the programmer that is actually having to make it work! :yeah:

I would love a decent timestretch function in the sample editor so matching vocals and loops without changing pitch would be easier…


I understand timing can be acheived with that effect command but wouldnt it be 1000 times easier to just load a loop, set the speed then use it in a track without having to add reams of numbers every time you wanted to use the loop…?


because that way you have to load a new sample every time you want to do something different to it!

The point of tracking and the point of sample manipulation is brevity and accuracy.