propper midi import

maybe its time we can properly import midi files not like opening a new song but importing them to selected track or something. especially useful when using drag n drop drum vsti with midi rhythm libraries.

Putting a +1 here just in case anyone believes the lack of answers means that nobody wants it anymore ;) It has been an often requested feature.

No, drag and drop of midi snippets from wherever (explorer or plugin) still has my favor (To the sequencer (multipattern) or to one pattern or to the phrase!)

While we are talking about MIDI, native MIDI export would be nice… The MIDIConvert tool is OK, but it does not seem to be maintained any more and is a bit rough.

Absolutely on the export too (not forgetting conners hard work!), at the moment it`s almost:

“What happens in renoise stays in renoise”

Would be great to have fully functioning drag and drop, import/export track etc. Quickly export a track, edit in piano roll/ notatione editor, re-import smoothly. Also as mentioned the drag and drop from VSTs.

Allow the MIDI to flow!

+1 for communication with the outside world


I’m not a registered Renoise user. I used the demo back when I registered last year, but gave up because I found no way of handling midi while preserving the project you were working on. The work of setting up a template, sends, instruments and effects, was lost everytime I had to import midi into Renoise, which in my case was very often. I’m checking Renoise again after I heard the news of the new version, but apparently there is still no way of importing midi into an existing track or existing project, so, even though it is not my place, I add my voice to this feature request as a potential customer.

Thank you.

as a workaround, you can open up 2 instances of Renoise, one with your template set-up, and the other for importing midi. Then copy and paste note-content from the imported midi to template song.

Thank you, I will try it with the new demo. It seems odd that something so quintessential like midi import is lacking in Renoise, at the same time I can’t remember any tracker being able to do this, so I guess is something of a tracker heritage to handle midi as a project all by itself.

yes, this would be great: export + import midi


because working with external device is not as comfortable as it could be

Gotta cosign this request. I’ve been driving Maschine with midi from Renoise and this would allow recording jams on the former and finessing them with the latter’s surgical sequencer. In short it would be a fantastical dream.

Bump! I am thinking about buying renoise I know the core midi is so fast, but this has been the double edge sword holding me back… I bet i would be one of many to use renoise more as a DAW connected to my modular gear if this is to happen :drummer: