Props for the Cabinet Simulator

Lately, i’ve been using the distortion->cabinent simulator in place of 3rd party ampsims, and i’ve got to say… not bad… really ‘pretty pretty good’. The fairly low CPU usage of this setup is an added bonus.

There are some really ‘nice’ tones to be gotten here.

Indeed, I use cab sim for fake guitars (including bass), glad its standard in Renoise, low CPU is a tweakers paradise.

Example 1 loop - cab sim to fake distorted bass and lead.

Example 2 loop - cab sim to fake distorted bass only.

Example 3 loop - cab sim on bass mixed to sit behind other prominent sounds.

Pretty good sounds there 00.1… especially the distorted bass

I still use some VST amp sims a lot of the time, but I always follow them with a cab sim.

I was trying to replicate Nine Inch Nail’s With Teeth era raw sounds…
not bad of a replication at all. Mostly the live rehearsal sounds
as opposed to the studio release. I’m mainly speaking of the bass
guitar here. Raw and plenty of filth.

Here are some youtube comparisons (Nine Inch Nails rehearsals).

Love Is Not Enough - Nine Inch Nails

Every Day Is Exactly The Same - Nine Inch Nails

Not So Pretty Now - Nine Inch Nails

yeah it sounds great.

Cool sounds 00.1. Yeah the cabinet simulator is great… here’s some fake guitars spiced up with the cab sim… i think i used the free guitar instrument from the Puremagnetic(?) sample pack from a few years ago. I also love automating the cabinet setting and routing really rapidly on simple sine waves. Makes really cool clicky glitch plinky screaming circuit noises!

How does one embed youtube vids? It’s probably simple…

media tag, like this:


Cab Sim and some of the newer devices like the Multitap Delay
look deceptively simple because its so compact, but from a minimalist
point of view, there is plenty of sonic possibilities to be had
both standard (non modualtion) and experimental (modualtion),
that adding more stuff could be destructive to the sonic pallete
those devices already offer.

For the bass examples above, Synplant was the source,
then gainer > Permut8’s Analog and Clock Freq Section > Cab Sim > gainer.
Standard, no modulation. I’d like to try the EQ section in Cab Sim
to mix the loudness instead of using the gainers in the
Multiband Send outs. Maybe try using Multitap Delay as an overdrive.

Overdive In Delay As A Separate Effect

Nice tracks by the way, very detective film noir ish. That surf tone
is something I’m working on faking. Right now, I just modulate the
predelay on mpReverb to get that spring reverb sound.

Adding to Cas’s reply on embedding…

As of late, the board automatically embeds the video if I just
copy paste the link with no media tags. But I still add them
from force of habit.

  1. copy paste youtube link
  2. delete s if https
  3. highlight link
  4. click on “insert media” icon or you can instead
    add at the beginning ```


Lately I have been putting the CabSim in the send track for drum groups to dirty the drums up, or at least give them a different “space”.

I finally, after a long neglect, busted out my guitar, put on new strings, and recorded a single simple sample of a single simple note. Dropped a cab sim on a track, Easy Tuned the sample, set NNA to note off and set a decent envelope, oh my god. Can’t even tell it’s not a real guitar. Well I mean, it was a real guitar, but can’t tell it’s just a sample recording being sampler-repitched to play notes. Not without straying really far away from the original note.

I really like playing with reverse notes too.