Prosper Proper songs (unique thread)

(zbouboutchi) #1


my first song where I sing … Pretty scary tho. :slight_smile:
Everything is made with my instruments, my hands and Renoise with only bare plugins (and zynaddsubfx for some synths.)

Hope you’ll enjoy it !

ps: My voice is naturally awfull but I had difficulties to mix it correctly… If someone have some advices, I would be pleased !

(Fabrice) #2

Nice! Liked the lyrics too (as I can understand because I’m french. :slightly_smiling_face:)

About your voice integration, the voice track is certainly a bit weak, even in the mix, even that’s not unpleasant.

(zbouboutchi) #3

Thanks !

Yep, the voice track is weak, I think it’s related to my vocal techniques, I might try to sing a little louder to get more abrasive harmonics. I also use a beta sm58a mic (bare setup to take violin & with pop filter for vocals), it’s rather possible I’m not using my setup correctly but the sound of the nude track seems correct at first glance.

For this song, when I add more voice in the mix, the sound is not that clear and the voice remains desperately in the medium. I tried to apply some EQ to correct that but “t” and “s” became an unpleasing sharp ear killer… Maybe with better EQ there’s something to do, but I’d rather record new vocals and try to fix the source.

Next try this week end !

(stoiximan) #4

Pretty good track.As for your vocals if you try harder you wiil get better results for sure.Your voice is not bad at all

(zbouboutchi) #5

I’m going to post all my songs in a single topic, that prevents creating so much threads.

My last one (just finished) in a different style of everything I posted here before… Mostly punk/swing with a little funk inside. All instruments by me, with only bare plugins, as usual.
Again I tried to work out my voice, I hope it’s better than before.

Hope you’ll enjoy it

(zbouboutchi) #6

I worked a lot these days… So here’s another song I started yesterday and just finished:

Typical Rock… I think on this one voice mastering is rather good, I just have to work on my vocals to get a better sound :slight_smile:


I like your tracks, they have soul!