Prosper Proper - The Eye

Hi all :slight_smile:

here’s my last (disco/funk) song, with guitar, violin, bass, theremin and some nice sounds from the huge zynaddsubfx.

Have a good day !


Very good work.

Cool positive, warm summer-time tune. It made me want to grab a cocktail or two :smiley:

Lovely dancing guitar song makes Fosterr want to run. You must have studied long for playing this professional and good. Are you a Jazzfunk Guitarist making lots of money? However this is a beautiful Art and Fosterr admires you a lot!

Good tune and flow! Bravo :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone ! This forum is a good motivator !

@Fosterr Gump, I never earned any money with my music (I’d love to)… I learned violin when I was a child (and continue to play it, classical and other styles). I’m not that good at guitar, I’m working on it since 2 years, this song is the most difficult thing I can play (for the moment)… Also I have an old and horrible Aria Pro 2 (stratocaster imitation) that has a lot of mechanical issues (I bought it €50 20 years ago), I’m seriously thinking of buying a genuine fender stratocaster, this guitar does everything I can dream of !

I’m recording with a beringer usb sound card that does a very satisfying job (u-phoria umc1820) and working with linux … I used to compose with old trackers like fast tracker, impulse tracker and all sound tracker (the best awe32 tool ever !) when I was young, mostly electronic music (like trance/dance/jungle). I almost totally abandonned composition before I met Renoise… I just can’t work with cubase-like interfaces, Renoise is a huge software… Very good job guys !