Protable Digital Player That Supports Ogg

I am looking for one, but have no clue. I know that Neuros supports OGG but it’s a HD device so not very good for sports etc. What do you recommend?

iRiver makes some flash card based OGG/MP3 players.

Those look cool.

e:Now what do you think of those, would it be better to get a 800 or 900 series model, or possibly some else? I can’t think of much more significant difference between those than looks.

Not too sure on that, I just remembered that they had some.

There’s a site for “iRiver enthusiasts” which has a few reviews and things. Not sure if they say a lot that would help you, but they’ve also got quite a busy forum as well, so I’m sure you can find some info there.

Maybe sites such as and will also have some reviews and stuff?

They have so much useful stuff here… like this mouse

Or this one. I actually love it, but 149 bucks!..geeze…20€ and I’d buy it :)

I have a Neuros and I’m very happy with it.

It’s not just an HD based device: it also has a little 256MB flash memory, which is light and just a very little bit bigger than the player itself.

It has to be placed in the same slot where the HD goes.

I have the iMP-550 mp3-discman and I’m definetly pleased with it! Only I haven’t been able to play more than a couple of oggs… The firmware coders just don’t seem to get it right…

Ah well, it’s awesome anyway! :D