Proteusvx - Free!

Emu have released their ProteusVX Software Sound Module completely for free!

You just have to subscribe to their newsletter (and can unsubscribe whenever you like), which is a very fair deal, I think!

ProteusVX comes with the full 1,000 patch set from the original Proteus 2000 (I think), and runs as either a VSTi or standalone.

I wonder if the original purchasers of the Emulator ever thought that its makers would be releasing a free version which is umpteen times more powerful, in twenty years’ time? (Or is it thirty years? I don’t know how long ago the first Emulator came out.)


very awesome.

thanks a lot :)

VX comes without sounds at all, many usefull functions are hidden or locked.

Perhaps usefull features may be hidden or locked but VX free it comes with a samplelibrary.

no sounds? uhrm… make sure the path to the soundbank is correct.

the sounds are really good, specially sum great drum sets.


Atarix, have a look at the ProteusVX manual - it seems to have most of the functionality of Proteus X, including control of the filters, etc.
My copy of ProteusVX certainly has the same 1,000 patches that Proteus X has!
It’s amazing for a free download - loads of usable sounds.

Edit: it doesn’t appear to have control over the filters after all, the manual just contains information on them as a way of encouraging you to upgrade to Proteus X2. But it’s still a great VSTi for free - MLoN - have a look at patches 815-818 - there are some great dance ‘hits’ in there.

I think it’s a really useful VSTi - all the sounds are already loaded, so patch selection is instant. I already have Proteus X which came free with my X-Board, so I have the ability to edit the sounds and use the filters, but Proteus VX is still very good for nothing - probably one of the most useful ‘bread and butter’ free VSTis out there.