Protofunk [Dnb]

Here’s a tune i’m working on right now. It’s in the style of Drum and bass. I’ve finally purchased a decent VSTi for bass sounds and i was wondering if some of you might have some constructive feedback on the sub and midbass mixing / soundwise. I’m looking for an even more raw sound than it is now but i’m having trouble creating this.

It’s defenatly not finnished yet bu i think i’m a few steps in the general direction of finishing this soon :) if i get enough hours of twidling knobs in hehe.

thanks in advance :) and thanks for the comment on my previous track (CeeRo) it was very helpfull :).


i have to agree with lili, the first sound is not realy in tune, maybe fix that.
i highly recommend, start to layer your drums. i know that`s a lot of work, but if you like to do drum&bass then you have to learn this (me too :D).
the drums are a bit lost in the mix and your snare sounds more like a shaker/highat.

your sub bass is very good, and the mid range bass too, but i think its a little bit too loud comparing to the rest.

hope this helps you a bit,