Protools Renoise MIDI Sync settings

Hi there can anyone help with my settings, please? I am using IAC Driver on mac os x
I cannot see the little clock that the manual speaks of…
Any help would be most appreciated.

Renoise can see MIDI coming in the IAC bus and I am generating MTC on the Protools side

Screenshot 2023-01-06 at 21.20.32

Screenshot 2023-01-06 at 21.51.40

your description is not precise

I suppose you want to control a renoise instrument via protools?

Sorry about that. I thought I could sync the two DAWs master and slave.
I can get sound from Renoise into PT but not sync simultaneous playback like Rewire would of done but Rewire is impossible for modern Protools I understand…

Renoise is really reliable for midi sync

but for transport,not😵‍ (I remember now)

Use Redux

For someone who use a mac and protools,Redux is not a big expense

Ah thanks yes I own Redux but really want to use Renoise in parallel with PT. Is there no Rewire work around?


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