Hi all! After being away from my decent soundcard for two and a half weeks I finally got the chance to mix this song.


I think your crashhats could be lowered quite a lot (in volume ofcourse), they are exceptionally present in your mix.
I let the rest up for others to judge.

There are some parts where I don’t here bass or it is just very silent. That leaves bass drum a little snappy. Generally for drums I could try adding slightly blend reverb.

Mid sounds (piano) could be a little louder but that’s a matter of taste.

But this is a nice composition. I like the melodies and that buzzing sound.

Thanks for the input guys! :D All taken into account.

Yeah that crash was ridiculous how did I not notice that? lol

New wav uploaded at the original link.

EDIT: Alright, it’s up on SoundCloud. Thanks again!