Protracker on iPhone and iPad

This looks pretty interesting!!


Indeed :)
Great, looks really like a 1-1 PT clone.

Maybe somewhen there is an Android version.

Good old days!

nice … but I don’t understand the use of this shitty ui & gfx of the old days. makes no sense … don’t get me wrong: I am former Amiga-user but some things of the past can really stay in the past. ;)

Sure! It will never replace renoise of course, but It can be cool to do some old shool tracking when your on the move and load the xm into renoise to continue when your home

Sweet!! Now all I need is to join a major band and be on a tour 300 days/year so I can fiddle with this during travels. :walkman:/>

I’m just wondering why the guy even went through all of that trouble and charge money for it, he could not have wasted his time any better than doing just that.
Not that you have much options on iShit devices regarding tracking, but sunvox and pixytracker do much more for your dope than vividtracker shit.
If one really wants to do old-skool tracking, there are a plethora of free alternatives on the PC and Android world.

Do you guys know Sunvox? It’s also great. Works on android, ios and more:

Btw. i love sunvox handling of devices, i think this would be awesome on renoise, too :)