Ps3 Anyone?

'lu guise. :)

Been rather non-tracking for a long time, I’ll get back to that soon but for now I’m enjoying me some PS3. Resistance and Motorstorm like everybody else, but also Ninja Gaiden, Assasin’s Creed, Gripshift and soon Ratchet & Clank.

Just wanted to see if any of you guys have a PS3, maybe find somebody for my friend-list. :)

Ninja Gaiden Rocksss!!! I don’t have a PS3 though, my friend does ;)

I just got a PS2 and Kingdom Hearts 2!
Yessss, I’m so 2007 :D

I’m such a nerd on Ninja Gaiden, had it on XBOX when it came, pirated it though and wanted to pay for it, so I did when it came for PS3. :) Already played it through a few times on XBOX, but love the experience years afterwards on PS3, they cut away the cutscenes but the gfx is so absolutley brilliant it doesn’t matter! :D

Oh, and I’m still a PS2-lover, my big black can play those games too… Love how such a HUGE library of brilliant games is availiable now, and for pretty cheap as well! I can get most anything new for 25€ easily!

im hooked on psp atm.
bought Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
last week… and are slaying me some Monsters
and building Exp points for my victory in valhalla!

I refuse to support the PS3 on the grounds that as a developer, I take great offense to Sony’s general silliness.

I find PSP so frustrating… such amazing gfx and sound on such a small
screen… and then they’re going to release FF7 Crisis Core on it, so I
have to order one from Japan or US?! Because OFCOURSE they’re going
to skip Europe again… sigh…

or just downgrade. Download. order a translator and hire him for 3 weeks. PLAY!

ps3? not yet, tho I definitely want one, when the new metal gear comes out!

Also been having to much nostalgic retro fun lately on my modded ps2. Last night I’ve been browsing & playing a dvd worth of C64 games. So many classics and great sidmusic :)

Your loss. ;)

I’m also into PSP, Valkyrie Profile looks quite good and I’ll get hold of that. And if Square Enix won’t release in Europe, I’m gonna get it anyway. I’m all for non piracy on my PS3, and I’ll keep it like that even if it does get cracked. Lets me apriciate the games more. I hardly finished even the fantastic XBOX-games I had.

i’ve got a ps3 i go on it constantly it’s really addictive ive got a few titles due to my universtiy loan paying for the games instead of books lol, cod4 i play a hell of a lot used to play rainbow6 vegas loads but cod4 is so much better also love assassins and fifa08 on there i have motorstorm too but i suck at that game cant wait till mgs4 comes out and gta!

Two words: Burnout. Paradise.

Got me playing games again (I bought the PS3 for the Blu-ray player and the very nice home server it can be, if you let it)

valkyrie is fantastic and i love the turn based fights and getting the points added.
iv’e also bought Syphon Filter Logans Shadow. but i wont open it before i’m finnished
with the Valkyrie. Downgrading the Psp is not always Pirated games.
i use it for Skype, IRC, File-Handeling like PFD, TXT, MOD, SID, AVI and all that shit.
actually i feel that it’s a big loss for Sony not to open up the console more
for further exploration. But hey! there are some wise guys out there that know
a route around the CORPORATION itself and shows us where to go to get it so
i dont care. Let them eat theyr own hat in the end.

The worst aspect of terrorism is the Fear that keeps us from leaping forward.

valkyrie looks great on ps3.
to bad im to poor atm to get me a machine.

“i feel that it’s a big loss for Sony not to open up the console more for further exploration.”

Not entirely true: the PS3 even has a menu option to let you install an alternative (ie Linux) operating system.

They’re also pretty good with firmware updates (though they only support a limited amount of divx-files in the recent 2.10 one) :angry: Also, they’ve made a drive swap dead easy (and explain the process in the manual)

My brother got Oblivion the other day… one word: wow :D

Really? That is rad! :)
Anyway. i meant the Psp console.
It’s well worth the money as a traveling companion