Pseudo-FM with only the Distortion 2 module

So, looking deeper into FM/PM/PD/AM, one can get VERY close to all sorts of these 2-OP FM sounds with just the Distortion module. They are basically altering the waveform’s shape. Using a basic sine-wave, run it through this Doofer.

What makes it useful for synthesis is the amount of limitation used in the Doofer. The distortion module is very heavy-handed to use on its own, without limiting the amount of distortion used. Taking the Doofer and controlling how much distortion can happen now makes the distortion models useful for melodic work, instead of just distorted fart sounds. With the other knobs, one can select the model of distortion, the tone, and the amount applied.

I imagine this could also have control via LFO one-shot to create envelopes? What do y’all say? Maybe we could make another Doofer with this that controls the envelope?

Pseudo FM Init.xrdp (3.3 KB)

Strongest on single-note application. Multiple notes or long decay/release become buzzy and over-saturated.

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personally, I think the fold distortion yields the best results for this type of use, but I usually just use it as a filter in the mod section. placing an envelope on the “amount” param can be fun :slight_smile:
did you see this?
guessing you might enjoy

here’s a simple sine fold instrument using the mod section, too
sin fold.xrni (3.3 KB)

I like to use the distortion dsp module as a hard clipper/saturator/waveshaper, too. very useful for taming peaks and adding character/grit/warmth to all kinds of sounds

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I did see it, haven’t tried it yet - work gets in the way :rofl:

Indeed it does! gotta pay them bills

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I’ve loved the sound of folding distortion “wrap overdrive” ever since ORANGATOR!


Beautiful beautiful Orangator days!