Psp Freaks

hey all

this August i got a PSP slim&lite. (hint for n00bz :))
i can’t express enough how i love this silly little machine :D

do you have one too?
which functions do you or don’t you use?
which are your favourite games?

hope i’m not alone :)

I have it, I liked the idea pairing it with my PS3 and to use it as a Navigation system with the Go Explore package.

I have GTA Vice city stories on it, but never play games on it.
and since I have a Netbook I never use it’s internet feature again.

Another pure-homebrew user? NICE!

No PSP here, badly. But hey, guess DS is nice too when it comes to music-related homebrew (+1 for Nitrotracker!)

I just play music on the thing and occasionally homebrew. I hope to dev on it eventually.

my fav:


crash (3d puzzler)
my katamari and me (kinda collecting- game)
crisis (rpg)
god of war (action)

i am not much into progs, but i go for the games: frantix, family guy, luxor series, gta vice city stories (of course), exit 1 & 2, hot pixel, loco roco and everything else that’s imbecile enough

:D Somebody else has actually heard of Frantix and likes it? Awesome :)

Yeah I’ve had a phat psp since 2005 and I lurve it. I still play it almost every day during my lunchbreak @ work. My favourite retail games are:

N+ (awesome 2d platformer)
Megaman Powered up (another awesome 2d platformer, Challenge mode is fantastically difficult)
Gripshift (really cool driving/puzzle game, similar to Trackmania)
Spinout (ball rolling marble madness type clone)

Lately I’ve been playing world championship cards w/ my girlfriend, so we can play spades over wifi :) and chess too :)

But most of my time spent with my PSP is running emulators. Lately I’ve been into some gameboy games, but I’ve spent many many hours with GBA, SNES, Genesis, NES, CPS2, PSX, etc :D There are a couple of good homebrew games too, Cave story, rrootage to name a few

I’m glad this topic came up, I just got one last month and have been on it nonstop. I need to pandora the thing first before I run any homebrew on it. I got god of war, disgaea, and castlevania sotn CSO’s for it not too long ago. It would be nice if I could find a homebrew that could host a single vsti that I could run a midi controller through.

There’s not one, but maybe you could code one hint hint And while you’re at it, port milkytracker w/ ir keyboard support :D

I bought a PSP at launch. These days, I mostly use it to surf the web on the toilet if my iPod Touch needs to be charged. Got a DS Lite a few months later, and that’s definitely my preferred portable gaming platform by a huge measure. It is a very nice piece of hardware, though. There just aren’t nearly enough great real handheld games for PSP, and I find loading screens completely unacceptable. It really depends on what games you like, though.

has anybody here used pspseq before?
looks interesting! i’ve seen some cool videos.

anybody got anything to say about it? never tried it myself.

hi, i’m the author of PSPSeq, so my opinion is a bit biased. ;) i think is a very unique app, especially as far as handheld audio programs go. i’m not aware of any other program that has such a focus on synthesis rather than samples (though PSPSeq can do WAV file playback as well). i spent a lot of time adding in enough timbral variety in the generators and FX that it’s possible to write complete songs in PSPSeq and that it’s flexible enough that you’re not limited to making music in one particular style. also, some of the synths and FX are completely unique to PSPSeq or at least have been tweaked to offer controls that are not commonly available.

there is definitely a bit of a learning curve with the program. i put in a lot of shortcuts to make it fast to access and modify various parameters, but when you first get started you might be scratching your head a bit. watching the youtube tutorials and following along with the user’s guide and keeping the quick reference sheet handy will help a lot. there’s also a PSPSeq googlegroup where i’m happy to answer whatever questions users have and take feedback for new features and bug fixes.

hseiken on this board is a big PSPSeq fan and more of a wizard with it than me. hopefully he’ll chime in too.


Ethan, i haven’t tried your tool yet, but if you can work a cutoff with the analog stick in the tool, i raise you as a demigod in my eyes :D

yay i’m a demigod! ;)

you definitely can. cutoff, resonance, basically any parameter for any generator or effect can be controlled in real time. i will say there is a limitation in that FXs are tied to a single track so there’s no working a cutoff for all tracks in a song, but it’s still fun to have this kind of control when you’re just monkeying around.


  • A completely new tracker, written exclusively for the PSP, fully utilizing the whole ME, IR-keyboard (or just something decent to keep everybody happy) and all the other goodies.
  • Clone/port/remake MPC (Mario Paint Composer, Youtube the damn thing!)
  • More live tools FTW!

Beh… Guess I should have learned C after all.

nah, just take a chill pill and think about the capabilities. honestly i would never use a PSP for making entire musics (i am not that much of a nerd anymore haha) but it would make a good interface for live playing, i mean, if i could play long tracks, add and then subtract then, put some FX, probably realtime, the 4 buttons (o, x, sqr, triangle) could be used as a little sampler, while the analog stick would be a programmable knob or fader for effects, etc… probably an external controller device could be manufactured (like the PSP camera) exclusively for this software… the limit is only the sky! :D

or was my visionary reverie already flown into realism without me noticing it?

I dunno, making music in anything but Renoise and with the samples of my choosing feels limited for my style, I always end up with blip-blops and that’s just a bit, well, meh…

But I should definetly try them out properly before throwing the idea out the window. :)

Oh, and thanks a bunch for the tip on Cave Story on PSP, organic io! I’ve loved the PC version of this game, but found it a bit cumbersome to bring along with me on work trips, now I just have to find that damned charge cable for my PSP! :D

Btw, I tend to use Electroplankton on my DS Lite for some mellow music improvisation. And the Korg DS thingey. Is awesome. :)

honestly i don’t think you’d feel as limited as you think in PSPSeq. on the synth side i have 2 different FM synths, a 2 oscillator VA, a tweaked out karplus strong generator, something i invented called rotational synthesis, a simple noise generator, a WAV file player, and a square wave generator with configurable pulse width. on the FX side i have filters, decimators, some binary bit manipulators, a waveshaper, and a couple things that are even weirder than that. :) all of the generators and FX have interesting parameters associated with them so you can get a really wide variety of sounds out of it.

you can hear some very polished DnB made solely in PSPSeq at running jump records. the only samples are the break. everything else is synths playing in real-time. these songs were made by hseiken from these forums. he’s totally genius with the program.

It probably wouldn’t be too hard to do ( or find someone to do it ). I don’t know for sure, but there might be limitations as to whether the PSP hardware could handle the program and realtime USB input at the same time. I hope I’m wrong, I’d love to have another portable soft synth at my disposal :)

hey can you explain why you’d want keyboard support for a handheld like the PSP? i know the interface is a bit limiting but i thought the whole point of a handheld was that you could use it in places where a laptop doesn’t make sense. if you’re attaching a keyboard why not just use a PC?