Pspseq 3.00 Is Released... Make Music On Your Psp!

hey, i know HS has pimped PSPSeq a few times on here, so i figured some of you might like to know the latest version is now available for download. you can get it here:

also, if you go to you can find some mp3s to download to give you an idea of what this program is capable of. enjoy!


PSPseq is the only thing I miss after selling my PSP… That thing is awesome!

thanks. you know, it’s never too late to find one for cheap on craigslist. :)

oh and as a slightly more useful reply, i’m going to try and put out a PC version of 3.00 as well. it will be a bit clunky compared to the PSP version but at least it should be good for some fun and to load up SEQs natively…

Anyone still has this and willing to share? Old link seems to be dead :frowning:

Hello! You can download the latest version here:


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Thanks! Will try the link tonight when i get back from work.

doesn’t seem to dl anything here?

edit; some malware/virus thing was blocking it, have dl’d it now cheers!