has anyone ever tried?


so, how was it?

too much choices, mayby i´ll just stick in renoise…but have to admit that i love those modular thingies!!

This was my favourite until I discovered and purchased Renoise. It’s a damn fine app, but I NEED trackscopes!!!


Don’t forget that Renoise is modular B)

Yes, I know that tracker very well, compared to renoise 1.281 it was in some ways better, like a better pattern arranger and support for multitimbral vsti´s. But I still found Renoise 1.28 was overall a better program for me.

Now that Renoise 1.5 is out and have a much better arranger and also multitimbral support Renoise is much better.

Psycle lacks envelopes, sample editor and good instrument settings.

And that modular thing, Renoise is also modular with send channels.

but you know that weird wiring thing… :)