Psymachine - Mathematical Random Experience

We made a psytrance album with my bro. It’ll be released under Cold Fiction music label. Everything is done with Renoise. Check it out:…dom_Experience/…

…downloaded this a while ago and thought it deserved a nice BUMP… every now and then i feel like putting on the headphones and get sucked in deeeep/. very nice.

now im off to check out your other album… you’ve been busy :]

I would like to listen to your album, but the link is broken, can you please fix it? :)
I’m evaluating using Renoise as my DAW to make psytrance, so I’m interested in other people’s tracks!
Thanks a lot! :)

Here’s a working link:…

Thanks for listening. :)

downloading now! :)

Then I’ll listen.


hey nice!
my favourites are “liquid patterns” (the piece with the girl singing is awesome) and “mother heart” (nice melody). :)