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thx a lot this machine is incredible.i wrote the note of the japaneese scale into psymachine in two octaves set the parameters till it generated nice patterns according to bpm and pattern length and used some chiptune instruments for it to generate the melody for and it worked beautifully.

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eviiiiiil! grabs garlic and crucifix

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wow! great stuff, thanks!

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There’s a chance I might be able to port this for OSX. No promises though!

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Seen this late here but want to answer anyway. Tenda passed away in June 2010 and there will be no further updates to his tool, unless someone wants to take it over. The file linked is the latest version.

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Whatever happened to this one; maybe s.o. has the time & experience to lift it to 3.1? Source - code up in this #thread^ :ph34r:

A Bit #annoying 2 have 2 use this workaround:

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Do you realize that you are posting huge amounts of 0-content-posts? Can you please stop posting bullcrap and filling the forum with nonsense? Why not think a bit first and then post something actually useful for others? This is not facebook, you know. Btw. I really like your ascii art!

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Whatever happened to this one;

Did you read the thread? The author died.

[Edit: Deleted emotionally charged over reaction. Tenda was a solid member of the Renoise community that I respected very much.]

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Just read it now on page 2 …my bad then. Wasnt meant to offend anyone. Didnt kno this when I posted my question. :frowning:

Did you read the fucking thread? Is this a joke? The author died.