Psymachine v.0.2 - A melody generator for Renoise written in C++.



  • Load / Save presets
  • Paste generated melody to Renoise
  • Basenote & other notes
  • Note offs
  • Note flutter (experimental, but works)
  • Track length
  • Arpeggio length
  • Instrument number
  • Ticks per beat
  • Note off on each beat
  • Note on first tick
  • Occuring percents for different parameters
  • Seed number
  • Randomize preset

Lacks documentation and has only few presets at the moment.
Please add bug reports, feature proposals and links for your cool presets in this thread.


thank you … santa.



Hey. Look interesting!. Thanks. :)

Edit: nevermind

cool thing. please add velocity for those VSTi that have Velocity linked to the Filtercutoff. And a “randomize seed” button for fast variations.

Took me a few seconds to realize that the data was on the clipboard (i.e. cut & paste into Renoise).

I can’t use this at home (on OS X) but I tested it on a windows machine today.

It’s pretty nifty! Suggestions:

  • Share the source code?
  • OS X version?


Cute thingy…

twist and shout!
tenda keeps it k00l.


Thank you, tenda!

This is a very useful and nice application. I hope to see that you’ll take it further!

Now that’s a real cool toy !
A nice addition would be to implement scale defintiions

Thanks for sharing this


Respect. ) +1

Here’s the source code:…

Looking for an OS X developer. The file browser and clipboard functions are win32 API, so they are the only things that should be changed. You could use FLTK’s own browser and do your OS X magic with the clipboard.

Please inform us if you’re going to develop this program further. I have other things going on at the moment, so there won’t be a new release in a while.

Just open with DEV-C++ and it should compile fine if you have FLTK 1.1.7 installed.

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I’d love an OS X version. unfortunatly I have no clue if it comes to coding.
maybe it would be possible to create a dashboard widget? would be a funny :)

Nice program! I’ve wondered when something like this would be available, something that would generate the renoise codes to for arpeggios. Keep up the great work.

very very cool!

keep up the great work!

any chance this would be implemented in renoise in future versions??

It’s up to taktik. Actually it’s easier to extend psymachine if it’s a 3rd party software, because renoise is not open source and psymachine is. If renoise had a scripting ability then a similiar plugin could be programmed, but psymachine source would be probably unusable. A sourceforge project for psymachine could encourage people to develope it further, so feel free to make one if you have interest.

Thank you so much! Very handy.

will give this a try,do i install this in the renoise folder??

You can install it into any folder. Try loading one of the presets or mess with the parameters and hit generate (will store a generated track in clipboard). Then just switch to renoise and paste (ctrl + v). For a different melody with the same parameters: press “<-” button next to seed field and then hit generate.

ok,i will try and play with this later tonight