Psyscope pro vst3: Can't resize window in Renoise

I’ve seen this question a couple of times from different people and in different OSes, but I don’t get if it’s the plugins responsibility or the DAW or if the workaraound (at the bottom) is the easies solution.

Example, I’m testning psyscope pro (demoversion), I know this can be resized. I do find the resize corner just above the random button, and i can drag it. This is what happens…

  1. Original look (no resize, but marked out the drag-corner):

  2. Dragging the resize point into the window (to make it smaller). result after releasing button:
    (ignore the actual text… demo time expired)

  3. Dragging the resize point out of the window borders to make it bigger, result:

The window by itself is not resizable, it’s fixed.

BUT!!! If you resize the inner content, close the window, then press “ext.editor”-button again, it has taken the necessary size to house the content. (when in the mixer tab that is, havent tested vstis.)

Is this the solution?

I don’t have that problem with it on Win 10 and Renoise 3.4 but sometimes i have windows resize bugs with Arturia plugins so something is not fully stable with resizable plugin interfaces.

Is your window(the one renoise puts around the VSTs) resizable?

I can’t from the light windows area, I have to start dragging from the bottom right corner of the dark background just above the Random button, but from there I can actually resize it to full screen without any issues.


Ok… So i tried this, unchecked “Enable VST2 plugins”, restarted renoise, added the vst to a channel. It works…

The window is now resizable by resizing the inner window.


This don’t work:

This works (can resize both in the plugin-area and using the surrounding window):

I just tried it here as well and it still works on my machine but you are right now I can resize using the surrounding window as well so it certainly does something to this VST3 plugin that it probably shouldn’t. sounds like a bug where Renoise is applying VST2 specific styling to VST3 plugins?

I will try moving every other plugin from the folder to see if its related to a specific plugin. Later to(day|night).

I found it…

did this test:

  1. Remove all plugins except “PsyScope_Pro.vst3”
  2. Tested resize both with and without vst2 checked. Worked.

Looked through my list of plugins and guessed that “vst3shell” could be special (I think I installed it when vst3 was not possible in renoise in order to run reason rack plugin).

Well… After moving that back into the folder (vst3shell.x64.core, vst3shell.x64.dll and vstishell.x64.dll) the problem with resizing got back.

One thing that I still wonder though is what this left-side listview is for? it seems as it’s possible to either save presets or similiar. Could this be part of vst3shell or is it something from renoise? It’s only possible to expose it when vst3shell is inside the vstfolder… It gets visible if you try to make the window smaller by dragging in the left edge of the window…

if you add a preset by right-clicking and selecting new, you can set various things, such as category:

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