Psytrance Track: Tanz, Waldfee!

Hi everybody,

I’m pretty new to these forums, so don’t be rude, if I do something wrong ;), I can learn :)

I just wanted to share my new track with you, it’s done with renoise and some free vsts (you might notice the glitch :)
Style is progressive psytrance (at least I’d think it is ;) ).

Feedback is very much appreciated :).

Here you go, and thanks in advance for listening :)

Hi there and welcome to the renoise forum !

Overall I think you have done a nice job :yeah: The only thing I can think of, is that you change the kickdrum (it is a little to soft for my ears.) But it is really just a matter of taste ;) … Overall a pleasure for me to listen to. Take care

Nice track.
If you use better drum samples it would be even beter

Well, thank you :).

About the kick… I like em dry, but I think I know what you mean ;).

@Thomas: yea, some of the samples are a lil plastic, could be enhanced probably^^

Thx for the feedback guys. :)

Great track :) Bush is the best hehe :)

Great track indeed. The kick could use a little more “bumms” ;) for my taste, but, well if you like 'em dry…mmmkay.
May I ask what 303 emulation (if any) you used here?
And btw, i recommend you to join the Renoise group on soundcloud…

Hey there, thanks for your comment (and for your fave @ soundcloud). Guess, I’ll have to tweak the kick a little… nearly anyone keeps telling me, it’s to weak ;)

The 303-ish sounds are produced by … It has a pretty dirty sound, some clicks and glitches here and there
(sadly, I still haven’t found any 303 emu, that has a comparable dirtyness and a true clean sound… open for any advice here :) )

It’s your work, so choose the kick you want… ;)

Wow, i was surprised that it’s a “freebie”!
I use Phoscyon, which is “payware”. (…and no, d16 doesn’t pay me, i’m just a convinced user… ^_^ )
They had a “special winter deal” so i got it for less than 40 € (usually 69 €), that was quite a bargain.
Of course there is “ABL2”, but pay 95€ for one single VSTI? Errrrm… no… <_<

Phoscyon has built-in distortion, so dirty results are possible :yeah: .
I used two instances of it in this tune (just played around a bit, it’s definetly not a “serious” track):

I never actually even heard of Phoscyon, looks very promising, and sounds so as well. I’ll check the demo tonight, let’s see what I can squeeze out of it ;).
Thanks again for pointing me at it ;).