Ptrance^rayn - Breakpoint '09 Entrys

Time to post them up I guess.

Streaming music compo

Title: Teh Fag Vendetta 2009 - An Epic Although non-Existant Saga continues
Ranked: 14th
Comment: Rushed craptune.


Executable newschool music compo

Title: Deep Inside My Eardrums
Ranked: 9th
Comment: wasted epic 3kb on this, although I should have had room for 32k. \o/ Shut off your Antivirus app, before downloading or executing the file. False alarms, you know?


4k PC intro compo

Title: Valleyball
Crew: BluFlame
Ranked: 4th
Comment: Not really music related, but still worth the mention that our intro product reached a pretty good spot amongst a bunch of other 4k’s.
Also here: kill your antivir app or set exceptions for the file or something like that, to avoid a false trojan alarm.



Wooooooooooooooow! :walkman:

The new version of teh_fag_vendetta really made my day ptrance. :w00t: Gonna install another sub-woofer to the ride just for this one. :yeah: :yeah:

Adore you <3

Nice full, lush sounds in Fag Vendetta, and a good melody too. It’s a bit trancey for me nowadays, but I can see past that and safely say this is good :) I can’t beleive it killed your quad though! Z3ta by any chance?

Deep inside my eardrums - not bad for 3K! I barely consider efficiency when I write stuff nowadays but it’s good to see Renoise at the top of the game when it comes to it. (looking back at my old MED files, I managed 30k)

Couldn’t get valleyball to work, am I being a bit daft or isn’t my card able to run it? tune of mine in the forum ;)

OMG Bantai! That brings back memories! I haven’t heard that song for soooo long… it used to be one of my favorites :)

Thanks for the nice comments all.
And yes, I’m not really satisfied with both tracks actually. Atleast mixdown and mastering need to be re-worked someday. (Fag Vendetta even arrangement-wise)
Unfortunately I was forced to do both tunes with headphones, as I can’t run my monitors right now.
Yay for headphone optimisation and a lack of bass frequencies. \o/

Regarding BluFlame. Honestly I can’t tell if the name is a bit inspired by that tune.
However, my mate was desperately pixeling several logos and at this time he only managed to come up with several flame-pictures and some other pretty abstract stuff.
End was simple: There was a nice blue flame pic he drew and we agreed to use this.

Normally the demo should run on a 8600gt as it already features shader 4.0 - atleast it should run smooth on a very low resolution. The demo itself is optimised for GTX cards. Preferbly GTX 290 for 1920x1200. :)
But you’re already the second person, complaining that it’s not working.
I suppose you just see a black screen? Can you still exit the demo while pressing ESC?
Don’t think our coder want to go into further investigation but maybe he’s still able to blow out a fix in a while…

btw. for those who aren’t able to execute the 4k at all:
We also have a neat video for you - :)

Yep it was just a black screen, but it just disappeared after less than a second. Would have been nice to see it running, but I’ve got the vid anyway. No biggie :)