Ptrance - Vangasm

Finally a new tune…

Available here: - MP3 inside

and/or directly from here - OGG inside

Beatslaughter - for pushing this production and laying his hands on the first patterns
grymmjack - the above Vanguard soundset and purpose. :)

i stumbled across this track on soundcloud (it’s this one, right?

Really nice track, pretty hard indeed :) The Vanguard sound is pretty damn sweet. Lots of details and things happening all the way, never gets boring for a second.
It’s very very light on bass though… If you throw some more bass in there and reupload it I’ll play it next time I’m playing out for sure ;)

Hmm, interesting… the kick was changed pretty late in the production and had a much deeper “ooohmp” effect first, but it has dominated the song too much i think. It has “eaten” a lot of space used by the other instruments. I’m liking the current version a lot more.

Well, might just be my setup of course, but it sounds like it could use more bass here

Wild, brilliant :)

hrmpf… totally forgot about this. :expressionless:

Thanks for the kind words.
Actually I agree on the lacking bassfrequencies. I’m quite sure that I just cutted away to much lowend (which gave the kick+bass a resonating “ooomppf” before) on the final master.
Atleast that was my conclusion, when I finally heard that song with a proper subwoofer.

Oh well…

solid work! can see the point about the bass but this is nice. like the way the textures fade in and out makes it nice and trippy