Ptrance - We Will Never Forget

erm… well, you may flame me :)

Thought I gonna share with you too. Some time ago I´ve finished my first Reason 2.5 song and I must admit it was quite a pleasure working with a pianoroll hint hint

Here it is: ptrance - We Will Never Forget
A little piano only piece without any progression and logic but still turned out cool somehow :)

Ah well, I’m concidering working in Fruituloops for trance sometimes cos a friend of mine uses that software…

Oh and, I wanna try Reason 3.0!!! It’s got some features I’d love to see in Renoise!!!

we’re working in a renoise with a trance piece right now and are drunk. So we’ll have to listen to your piece later. When we actually can say if Kristian er kul og han er kongen over alle folk som er i huset her og drikker tyrker og eter pizza, og kENNETh liker også chipsen som er så god så HOLD KJEFT søte lille gutt og ta shotten din der du fortjener den.


(kENNETH’s comments)
Where’s da bass?? Ain’t no party tune :D
And Kristian forgot some capitals in his text. Lamer !!! Drunk already, hahaa,lol floff ;)

I’m a sucker for piano. Really nice work :) …it sounds more like jamming than a well laid-out tune though (well you already said that). Love the chord at 4:22 btw, great progression there :) What kind of piano did you use? Samples, VST?

You didn’t use a sustain pedal when recording, did you? Cause the bass notes go into each other a bit too much imo.

Sagosen: Verkar som ni har en bra fest på gång där :) Men vad är “tyrker”?

I too suck at it actually. I produced it in a way like: play - stop, re-edit or trash, try again or move on. All in all it´s really… let´s say a “Random Song” :D

Reason bummerly doesn´t support vst. I´ve used its internal NN-XT sampler rack with a Piano refill called: Grandpiano, which came with the standard package. Additional I tweaked it with two parametric EQs. Rest of the game was done in Wavelab, light final compressing and maximizing.

Yep, I don´t have one. Well, thanks for notifying :)

Actually I meant I sucker for piano, as I really love piano (then I suck at playing too, but that’s another story) :lol:

oh… ok :)

Turkish Pepper… :P


I wish I lived in Oslo… your parties seems like fun.

Any swedish renoisers in the Örebro area?