Pulseaudio/jack/alsa and Renoise

Looking over some of the threads I see it’s an issue for some but I couldn’t find a solid solution for it…maybe I overlooked it, idk…this is a similar to an issue I had on Windows with the ASIO driver. It locks up the sound card…My solution on Windows was just abandon ASIO and use Direct Sound. I’m a hobbyist so for my purposes it worked fine and I never missed ASIO.

But how do I do this on Linux? I need to be able to listen to other audio apps w/o closing Renoise.

Hello. I’m assuming you are using a variant of Ubuntu. You need two things: cadence and pavucontrol.

You start JACK using cadence, and turn on the pulseaudio bridge:


And then configure pavucontrol to tell pulseaudio to route new [desktop] audio streams to the jack bridge:


That’s it. Don’t forget to configure Renoise to use JACK.

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Oh yes, I’m on Ubuntu…Ubuntu Studio 19.04 to be exact. I will try this. And thank you for the help!

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Thank you @kytdkut you put me on the right track… :+1: …long story short, cadence doesn’t seem to be available for Ubuntu 19.04? Regardless, Ubuntu Studio seems to have an option to bridge Pulse Aduio to Jack. After starting the Jack server and configuring Renoise for Jack, I have audio in renoise and in my media player. So everything worked out. Audio Setup > Studio Setup Utility. Pretty handy option if you don’t know what you are doing like me. :slight_smile: Thanks again.

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Glad to be of help :slight_smile:

Happy renoising!

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