Punch-in Recording / Overwrite Old Take

I know there is a popular suggestion to add a count-in for recording.

I would like to suggest adding a feature that will let you overwrite the old take / pattern data while recording into a looping pattern. I want it to overwrite the old data instead of adding onto it. (I don’t believe this feature currently exists, if so, please disregard).

Another helpful feautre would be to add punch-in/punch-out recording where you can select a part of the pattern to make edits to, but that anything outside of the selection would not be edited - although it would play back and loop the entire pattern.


oh yes this will be great, but i ask for this feature since 1.5.1. Of couse with pre count of the click.
I guess, it didnt fits in the concept of a tracker.



:yeah: :w00t:

The punch idea and overwriting data would be awesome with easily assignable keys to divide the pattern into parts like what numpad enter does. This would allow you to move on to the next section once you’re happy with the phrase that you’re currently on.

I could really use this since I’m awful at playing, no way will I play back a whole bar manually without adding more mistakes.