Punk Band

so I like various stuff, like Bad Brains, The Clash, so on. I also like various others, and Refused, and I have a soft spot for NOFX this week. A mate introduced me to Propagandhi this week, which i’m really digging. so who do YOU rate in punk? If you say venetian snares you get a slap :P

sorry there is an S missing on this topic :D

Bad Religion is really the only true punk band I like. I like some of the punk/ska crossover stuff though like Rx Bandits, Less than Jake, Reel Big Fish. :)

the clash (offcourse), bad religion (offcourse), rancid, millencolin, dead kennedys, misfits, strebers, ridder sjangseløs, penetration, stiff little fingers,
THE STRANGLERS, x-ray spex, the damned, sublime, toy dolls (at times), bøyen beng.

the clash was actually the first group i started collecting albums from :)
the first album i got was give’m enough rope. a sweet start for a young punk. lol.

Punk ska…‘the hotknives’ …for sure



Descendents, bad religion, Undeclinable, clash, Vandals, Rentokill, bouncing souls, casualties.

Ska: Voodoo glow skulls, slackers

Roger Waters.

then only thing Punk about Roger Waters is is political views :yeah:

check out the bronx, rise against, strung out to add a couple to the list

rise against and strung out where my guests for the night a few months ago :P
nice guys!

My favorite would have to be hands down The Circle Jerks and the Misfits (old not new) - and of course Minor Threat…

minor threat, dead kennedys, NOFX, refused, at the drive in (if they count as punk - fuck it if refused count i’m having them and…) fugazi, big black, nation of ulyesses, melvins - and most of the rest mentioned above with one major exception -NO FUCKING SKA PUNK

I like 90’s hardcore…

if you’re counting all those then i’ll see your bet and raise you black flag and the minutemen.

Propagandhi kicks ass 'cause they’re kinda from the same hometown as Venetian Snares and Neil Young.

i’ll call with melt banana and the boredoms

im seeing melt banana on thursday. how d’ja like THEM bananas?

damn - i was supposed to see them last saturday but had to dj the night before and didn’t end up going to bed till 10am and didn’t get back to bristol until after the show :( - saw them in liverpool a few years back though - fucking awesome - hope you enjyed the gig

for hardcore, i’ve got a holy mountain cd thats pretty slick, entrails

I started off as a huge Clash fan (as evident from my nick :) ), I still listen to most of the original '76-'77 bands (Buzzcocks, The Boys, The Members, The Vibrators, etc…)

after that, it’s worth to give a listen to the post-punk bands from '78 onwards, Joy Division, Magazine, Gang Of Four, Siouxsie, Killing Joke…there was an amazing outbreak of creativity following Punk during the early 80s. This might be helpful:
Rip It Up And Start Again

and two of my favorite clips from that era:
Gang Of Four - Damaged Goods Live
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Cities In Dust