Purchase a copy of renoise

I would like to get a copy of renoise i.e. buy second hand specifically version 2.8.2 as it was the one that once worked on my pc i am limited on money so for now i cant afford to go to the latest update i want to leave behind the rest of daws like ableton reaper bitwig etc,. and use until my last days renoise or until it exists :grin:

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I don’t know if that’s possible but if you do buy Renoise via the main page as standard you’ll get access to almost all previous versions (incl. 2.8.2).

Yes, my idea was to get it a little “cheaper” but without discrediting this wonderful software if at any time there is an offer! I hope I can get a copy.

I’ve never seen a Renoise sale before, because the software is already reasonably priced. I understand how hard it is to pay stuff in USD when you’re foreign - that was my case, I paid in BRL and it cost me 5x the original value -, but don’t expect discounts.

However, sometimes people do sell their license for a lower price, but I don’t know if this is allowed, so you should check the EULA.

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Of course it’s allowed to sell your license for a lower price. Every few years there’s someone in this forum offering his license for whatever reason. But it rarely happens. If it happens it’s mostly around 50-55 €, which means you save 13-18 € in comparison with the original price of 68 € respectively 75 $. I wouldn’t want to wait for someone offering his license just to save this ridiculous amount of money. Anyway, good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That price is without VAT. In a private re-sale you’ll probably won’t be paying VAT. So the saving is more substantial than that. And when money is tight, money is tight.

OP - check KVR Audio’s Sell & Buy forum. IIRC, that is where I purchased both Renoise and Redux. Copies do go for sale there, but it is relatively rare. A copy of Renoise was sold there for $20 this week, though . . . Maybe post a WTB request?

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Good to know this. I’m looking forward to purchasing Redux so I might check there. Thanks!

Yeah, I’m the one who picked it up. To the OP, Renoise does go on sale over there every now and then (relatively rarely, compared to the overall volume of activity). As posted earlier, realistically expect 50-55 – I just got insanely lucky.

And being my first post here btw… Hi all.


That was me lol, I just wanted it gone so I would force myself to learn my new DAW and knew the low price would speed up the sale.


Thanks for the sale btw! Renoise seemed like a perfect solution for mangling samples in interesting ways. I’ve been in a rut creatively and needed to shake things up. Hope your new DAW works out for you too.

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I thought everyone hopped between DAWs and sequencers all the time? No? Just me? Probably explains why I’m always trying to work out how to achieve what I want :sunglasses:

I’m pretty sure that if I sold the license for one of them, I’d wake up tomorrow with an idea I wanted to try…

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