Pure Amen

hi i was wondering if anyone has the the amen break in the purest and best quality. i have some samples already but i would like trying to process it from the beginning with out any gimmicks. cheers :ph34r:

Try rip it from here:

I don’t have a copy of the whole song in lossless format, but here’s the unprocessed break: http://illformed.org/temp/The_Winstons_-_Amen_Brother.Wav


I like the original vocal version.

“Aaaaa-men…, Aaaaaaaaa-men, Aaaaaa-men” etc.

I sometimes sing it above the amen break, much to the dismay of bystanders.

Shitmat’s ‘Killa Babylon Cutz’. Check it, if you don’t know it already.
It has the vocal AND overused amenbreaks. Might be just the thing
you need to REALLY learn to hate the amenbreak… AND the Babylon
Boy acapella. ;)

Don’t get me wrong though.

BotB adds to that MOAR AMEN

ferk the armen breaik

Confucius says: “If all else fails, use amen.”