Pure happiness

I’m the happiest guy. I’ll order the full version in a couple of days from now! (there’s just a tiny money issue…)

Or should I wait for the 1.27 to come? It’s really hard to wait that long because i’ve been waiting for to long now.
How long does the beta testing and bugfixing take?

Why wait? When you order you will get to download the beta too. And you will allways have the latest Renoise for a good time… :)

Renoise is worth every penny. I’m still adjusting to its power, and I’m always amazed and learning new tricks every day.

Its literally everything I ever wanted in a tracker, and I’m still kinda shaking my head going wow, it does everything…

Just take the plunge and register, you’ll be glad you did. I’ve just rendered some experients in renoise to cd and I was listening in my car going wow I did that…

The midi control and the vst/vsti is most impressive to me. Finally I can have real synths going to my sampled instruments, and with VSTI you can just about throw your hardware synths in the trash, though I’m not going to just yet :)

Kudos to the renoise team, what an incredible job they did taking tracking into the 21st centure. f**** cubase and cakewalk, f**** piano roll (okay so they are adding it, but I hate that way of sequencing) I can finally make music the way I want… My tracks are becoming so professional sounding now that I’m once again excited about making music.

Just register it, you’ll use it more than any other software you have, especially if your a tracker… If ya like (YUCK) fruity or reason, you might not get it, but trackers worldwide are switching to renoise (not reason… corrected by cylab :) ).


Renoise is the one software purchase i ever made that i haven’t regretted for one second. That was money well spent, in every sense of the expression.

Beware though, like cquencer says, if you come from using FT2 or somesuch the sheer power it gives you can be almost disillusioning. I know i really started doubting myself as a musician when i had to learn how to effectively use filters and stereo samples heh. It sounds like such a little thing but it can make such an immense difference.

I’m also touching on VSTis, having bought Pro52 a while back but not really finding a use for it until now. I’m totally blown away by the possibilities the vst support opens up.

So yes, well well worth the money =D

I second that!! :) Exactly the way I felt after years on not beein creative when I eventually found Noisetrekker, and even more when VST support was added…