PureData for DAWs alpha release

tone projects Kelvin is awesome! (Unisum too). How much cpu do these patches use? kinda curious if a lot of polyphonic pd stuff would be feasible in production context

The patches are incredibly low cpu , but I do get some gui lag when using lot’s of bangs , for some reason renoise does’nt like it .
According to the developer plugdata gui runs on a seprate thread .
I think it’s a great program altough I prefer supercollider because it ugens sounds a lot better , but still plugdata is pretty damn cool
Here’s a simple monophoni c two osc synth


Phase modulation feedback when set Blocksize of subpatcher to 1 sample
Altought I can’t get the crispy saw waveforms like on the dx7 , it’s pretty damn great pure data allows 1 unit sample feedback loops like reaktor .
Two operators , first operator self feedback ratio 2:1 fo the typical square wave , modulator slighlty detuned


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