PureData for DAWs alpha release

Hey all,

Just getting back to renoise and in-the-box music making after a long time away. I was looking at the Puredata releases page and discovered that a very nice alpha has been released for PlugData:

It’s a pretty nice GUI, and I’ve only just started playing with it.

I won’t be able to help out too much, but if you know a little pd and want to get started, you can use the PlugDataFx in as an effect, with the [adc~] providing input, and [dac~] or the [output~] object for output.

Cheers to the renoise community!


very cool. will have to check this out. Thanks!

Looks great!


It is great in deed!
Many thanks!

I’ve gotten away from using it, and don’t have hardware to test right now – it may be a matter of using the plugdataVSTinstrument plugin, instead of the FX plugin

pd vanilla specifiies midi devices in the [noteout] or [midiout] objects via the right-most inlet (or 3rd argument to the first inlet), but I’m not totally sure how this gets set up in plug data, let alone via the DAW that you’re hosting it in. If you want better help, I would recommend the plugdata discord:


I do get a lot of gui crashes in renoies , the project does look promising indeed .
So awesome to have the graphical function object

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KICK generator
Simple with tanh curve



Anyone else having issues with the make note —> midi out ?
It doesn’t seem to work , which is strange because it take midi in from renoise and back to a vst just fine , with midiin , midi out .
It’s just the make note that doesn’t seem to work

MidiOut takes Raw midi data, You would need MIDIformat object before midiout.
Simpler than that, put a noteOut instead of midiout and it should work…
The midiin is not useful in this case in you dont need data coming from renoise.

Complex way but you have everything in hand :
midiin to midiparse to midiformat to midiout
(From midiIn, to access all the parameters would need midiparse to break everything down)

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NOt working either

I got the 139, makenote, 65, noteout part sending midi out in Bitwig.
Unfortunatly, my renoise installation refuse to see the plugData vst at the moment…

Could it be the midi routing out of the plugin.
Is your instance of plugData an instrument or a plugin on a track ?
If it’s an intrument plugin, try to route the midi to another track maybe ?

Yeah Ofcourse I routed plgdata to another instrument , that’s the only way to do midi routing in renoise
The plugdata fx versions is not regognised either
EDIT , got it working , note out , ctrl out


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double post

The gui becomes really sluggish when multiple bangs are displayed (step activity for sequencer ) , coud be renoise related ?
Doesn’t happen in the standalone version
Could anyone test this , just enable all toggles and drag some sliders , set metro to 150 ms.

works fine on my m1 mbp. but i remember from my pd days that its better to encapsulate lots of visual stuff in graph on parent- windows, subpatches and keep visual object count as low as possible. (ie it has always been quite sluggish regarding big patches with lots of visual objects)

been testing some examples, seems quite stable over here at first sight. that new dark GUI is nice! (probably never going to happen but would be cool to have something like this for SuperCollider)

Best way to control it in renoise
Notein —stripnote , this way the velocity off is ignored and we can use the velocity in to bang an envelope
Here’s a simple 3 operator fm synth , op3 into op2 into op1
Here , phase distorting the wavetable (tabread4) since they are driven by a phasor , we can phase distort it by multiplying the phasor amount
At the same switching bewteen the tables witha simple metro
Sounds absolutely bonkers with Sonic Projects Kelvin on top


tone projects Kelvin is awesome! (Unisum too). How much cpu do these patches use? kinda curious if a lot of polyphonic pd stuff would be feasible in production context

The patches are incredibly low cpu , but I do get some gui lag when using lot’s of bangs , for some reason renoise does’nt like it .
According to the developer plugdata gui runs on a seprate thread .
I think it’s a great program altough I prefer supercollider because it ugens sounds a lot better , but still plugdata is pretty damn cool
Here’s a simple monophoni c two osc synth