Pushing Angel 303 In Itunes / Digital-Tunes


Today morning I got nice couple of mails,

that Pushing Angel 303 landed finally in iTunes / Digital Tunes and got first sells :))

Since it my first tries to sell the music and it has been made 100% in Renoise - I wanted to share it with you… :) thanks for all previously comments about earlier songs and so on, and also ask for helping in promoting - sending links to twiterr, likes on fuckbooks and others

Pushing Angel 303 on Digital Tunes:


Cheers dear Renoisers!

And thanks for Renoise team for an excellent DAW.

grats, it’s a fun tune! how did you get it on itunes? also, shouldn’t you take down the soundcloud version now? ;]

But there is no download on SoundCloud, so its ok.

I think? ;)


Congratulations !!!
I’ll get it right as soon I’ll top up my iTunes account!

You should also post it on youtube. Or even better, a video of a live performance.

Usually it’s problematic before you released it, because labels usually want to get exclusive content no one heard before. But it should be OK now.

thank you!

BTW, there is video to the second song:

http://vimeo.com/19391161 :guitar:

Grats its very good motivation for future productions :)

Liked it.