pushpull - wip… ideas are very welcome ;)

do you FEEL IT ?!?


Maybe compose the song from 2 new themes (push / pull) then use the current theme as the ‘struggle’ to bridge between them, (only) as often as necessary to build suspense.

More dynamics are needed, i.e. sometimes the giant clap/snare thing (and maybe the whole beat) has to give out/take a rest, maybe to let the ‘struggle’ theme shine through for a bit.

I think biggest problem with the song is the drums. Instead those lightweight techno drums, you should use acoustic drumset with double kick and loud snare. The drumming should mostly consist of rolling double bassdrum, with some thrown in blastbeat parts here and there, and some breaks with slower syncopated drum parts.

Instead of that synth part you should use guitars with heavy distortion, lots of mid and high range. Also add a touch of dramatic string/choir synths for power.

You should also use screeching vocals and low growling about satan and stuff like that… You know…

End result should be something like this:


demon burger!!1

lulz… thanks boys, most interesting.


also, you’re all clueless :D just had to say it, sorry.


im gonna try your drums idea… ;]

go for a blast beat akin to this one imo:


nah, j/k. i feel your track. 'tis good. (= dunno what’s missing tho :<

:drummer: :yeah: :drummer: