Put A Headphone And Close Your Eyes

stereo is amazing! maybe you already know it but i just found it :P (it s crazy! now i am paranoid about posting a topic in renoise forum! i m always affraid that somebody tells me “hey dude we spoke about that 150 times before!”)

headphones and closed eyes are required to enjoy


[edit] if the sound stops after 8 seconds, put the cursor little bit after and press play again

I had timeouts in that swf-clip but I found the audio here:

And this is amazing

The joys of stereo mic setups ;) … Marilyn Manson had a song on Smells like Children sung by Tony Wiggins that was recorded in such a way that it sounded like Tony was in the same room as you. Spooky! :panic:

just two weeks ago, while i was walking my dog: it was raining and windy and i thought about how much “more” stereo everything sounds than normal “stereo” things in music. how very well defined and “deep” everything seems. then i came to the conclusion that this effect should be recontructable by using two microphons as ears positioned in the right distance and some sort of auricles, as they somewhat change the depth perception of the audio. and as soon as this idea popped up, i was certain that this must already have been done pretty extensively and often, as the idea is very simple yet powerfull.

well, as i came home i had already forgotten about it. thx for this dude, it sounded way better than i even expected :smiley:

edit: i mean that gave me the answer to why the real world normally sounds way “realler” than normal stereo. because it isn’t just stereo, it’s very tiny delays. this opens a whole new world of possibilities for psycho music gnihihihi. if i just had 2 microphones :x

Two mics positioned as ears may come closer to the “real” thing than a artifical stereo-setup using the mixer desk, but it’s still not working for me. This barbershop thing works for me only on the left/right axis, it does not work on the up/down or infront/behind axis, as does any stereo-recording. I can perfectly spot a bug flying through my room in reality, but I also heard some recording of a fly sometime ago which was supposed to fly a corkscrew around your head and land on your shoulder, it just moved from left to right for me. Dunno why.

Well, reverb and muffling have alot to do with real stereo sound, and the fact is, our ears use the extra skin to slightly muffle the sound behind us so we can more accurately pinpoint where it’s coming from. We also have heads in between our ears, which the people who recorded these things may or may not have taken into account. Basically, to properly emulate stereo sound, you would need some very small condensor mics implanted in the ears of a latex or silicone sculpture that had the same proportions as a human head. The ears would have to be fairly accurately sculpted as well.

To go to all this trouble just to get a 100% accurate stereo sound, is probably not something most people would want to do. That aside, perhaps you can’t hear the position of flies nearly as well as you think you can ;)

Also consider that chances are this was recorded in an anechoic studio room, which kills any chance of natural reverb. What they should have done is recorded it in an actual barbershop :P

with “perfectly” I meant the y and z axis, I know if its behind or infront of me and if its below or above, something that doesnt work with those recording. same thing f.e. with an ambulance or something outside, I just know if it’s coming from behind or infront. you get my drift.

it works better when you close your eyes… it tends to prove that your brain need reconstruct a virtual room without the view (of your screen which prevents your brain to reconstruct the recorded environment)

I have eactly the same feeling as looza when i keep my eyes opened but when i close them, it works well!

I think Looza’s problem is that he works too much on sound so he gives a too big attention on sound details and don t let his brain going… if you concentrate too much it doesn t work i think.

The part with the electric shaver is really realistic ( i often shave my head!) and the whisper at the end is also crazy feeling!

but it didn’t quite have the same vibratey feeling ^_^

mat : you might be right. :D

Stereo > mono

Above 600hz

lol … 250-300 I would say.