Pvw: Darkblue

Hi folks,

there it is, again a lil preview of things who might come depending on me being lazy or not :), i’m not sure how to classify this apart from it’s electronic :)

so go for it ! it’s a small download & it lasts a lil more than 1 min atm.


reminds me of some oldskool travolta amiga demo soundtrack in a modern shape and form.
like the depth and the subtleness of the sound.
very promising! :walkman:

i agree with keith. i like the depth, it’s almost like the track is “masked” somehow, hiding behind something, ready to be brought out. beautiful chord progression and harmony. this does have a lot of potential. you better keep working on it or i will kick your ass :w00t:

don’t be lazy. finish it. :)

hey man, are you gonna keep working on this or am i gonna have to kick your ass? :P

i am ! i am !

must think !