I have come across a problem.

Some sounds, especially ones with weird harmonics, show the beat of a 12TET tonic against a fifth. This makes me want the option of a tuning which actually has a perfect fifth.

Renoise has a lot of options and it’s entirely possible (quite certain) that I missed some. Are comma tunings hiding somewhere in there? I realise that I could build one painstakingly for every single instrument I create, but that seems superfluous in the age of computers.

I do understand that xenharmonics are probably too much to hope for in a tracker interface, so I’m not shooting for that (yet). That said, if someone wants to update Renoise to allow for at least 24TET, I would not complain.

Have you tried this?

Not yet, to be honest. I got the impression it wasn’t quite battle-ready yet?

For micro-tuning I prefer this tool;