Q how to automate the start and end of a sample instrument


can i modulate (lfo etc) the start and end of a sample instrument ?


thank you !

do you think renoise is the better choice for drones an ambient experimenting than live, fl studio or reaper and reason ?

I know that there is a lot of people who create ambient in renoise

big respect to them

for me - Renoise is about micro editing

Ambient is about macro editing (you know, long sample of space, one shot but long delay etc.)

So i cant do this stuff in renoise, to be fair, i cant create minimalistic stuff in Renoise at all

but when i open different daw with timeline zoomed out, i create simple, more ordinary and minimalistic stuff much more but i dont enjoy the process.
but its just me… :wink:

I dunno how this compares to ‘automating the start’,but you could insert a bunch of slice markers at the beginning portion of a sample and trigger the different offsets in the pattern editor?