q: is there a way of detaching/attaching instrument editor with LUA?

Hi, I just realized that my F2/F3/F4 scripted shortcuts (F2 = cycles between Pattern Editor and Phrase Editor) (F3 = cycles between Sample Editor and Sample FX) (F4 = cycles between Modulation and Keyzones) are completely broken if the Instrument Browser is detached!


  1. How do I detect whether the Instrument Browser is detached
  2. How do I control the detached Instrument Browser’s Frame selection?
  3. How do I re-attach / detach the Instrument Browser

via LUA API? :)

True. I couldn’t find any of it.

Although it does not really work, it always returns true even if the pattern editor is present and the instrument list etc are hidden.
And perhaps we need a Boolean like instrument_box_is_detached

This sounds very cool :D I have yet to update my “Best Views” tool. All suggestions above are very necessary in API indeed (I’ve argued few times that every clickable button should really have a api call that does the exact same routine)

Is compiling a list of LUA Api addiction suggestions for Renoise 3.0 Beta useful or useless? Should they be made into a separate thread, as the previous one sunk pretty fast.

What would you propose to do about this?
(I remember you posting on the Phrase Editor opening and creation and selected_phrase_index api hook requirement)…

I can rather suggest you to load up the documentation lua snippets in a fancy editor like PSPad or Notepad++ (I personally prefer PSPad, because its search feature is superior to that of NP++) and use list-search on the contents to seek if there is anything around of your liking.
If you think you stumble upon limitations like “Readonly” objects, there might perhaps be a counter-object with objectname():action where you can retrieve and parts or you simply need to specify deeper which part of an object you would like to alter. (like you may not be able to alter stuff from the renoise.song().selected_instrument_index.subobject, but you may alter renoise.song().instruments[renoise.song().selected_instrument_index].subobject)

Just take care that you have the most actual documents (which are in the Renoise library but perhaps may need to be copied to your current script folder because it may still contain the old 2.8 documentation)

yup. i did a cat *.lua >documentation.txt and grep it every once in a while for clues as to what to do. easiest way to come up with a list of phrase api hooks, for instance.